Manitoba PNP Information and Employer Engagement in Manila

The staff of Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program will be present in Manila, the capital of Philippines from November 20th to 24th, 2017 in the company of employers from Manitoba. The purpose is to hold interviews with professionals who demonstrate sufficient skills to qualify in these spheres: Livestock Workers with a degree of Specialization [...]

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EB-5 visa program is ideal for studying abroad

The EB-5 visa program is an ideal choice to study abroad as it contains remarkable features. Indians look to the USA for a better future and pursue F1 and H1-B visa offers. The EB-5 Program for Immigrant Investors has started to attract several Indians. Through it an immigrant has a chance to invest USD 500,000 in a fresh USA business, and after it is [...]

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Far Reaching Job Match Service For Temporary Foreign Workers

With the introduction of a new rating system which matches job positions to the job aspirants, a fresh approach is being adopted. Since August 28th the employers who intend to hire under The Field Worker Program are mandated to use this new system. Through this, they will be in a position to invite potential professionals who are in harmony with a [...]

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EU – The next destination for Indian Students

Students from India have found a new destination in the European Union to pursue their education as there are a notable number of courses and associated costs with the advantage of English as the chosen language of receiving the education. Germany and France have registered an increase among the Indian students in the higher education institutions located [...]

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The New RAISE act may benefit Indian professionals

On Aug 3 Donald Trump announced that he would support the legislation, that put forth to cut down half of the legal immigrants that are allowed into the US. This legislation would move toward the “merit based system” where it would be favoring the candidates for residency cards who would have a good English speaking skills. If this legislation would [...]

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Advantages of studying in an international school

Have you been moving to different places with your family? Have you been working abroad for a long time? Are you willing to move back to your home country? Then a thought might have popped up into your mind. What about the education of the children? Your child has been studying in abroad since he/she was born. Would they be able to adjust with the school [...]

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Top 50 accommodation university halls in the UK

Making a right choice of where you live while immigrating to the UK may create a big difference. When you opt to Study in UK you have a variety of options laid down in front of you of modern and safe accommodation. A good accommodation will not only help you to live in an environment that suits your needs but also would help you to concentrate on the [...]

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New Online Australian Visitor Visa system attracts 3,00,000 Indian Tourist in 2017

Australia being one of the most urbanized countries across the globe with wild and beautiful places is expecting around 3,00,000 immigrants from India itself. This upturn occurred due to certain aspects like online Australia Visitor Visa application provisions, various promotional activities initiated by Tourism of Australia and stabilized Australian [...]

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Visit, Work, Study or Live in Spain- A Schengen landmark of Excellence

Spain is the multicultural land of sophistication, football, Magnificent places, delicious cuisines and an enthusiastic workforce of skilled professionals. Spain comes under [...]

Malta- A Majestic Island of Europe is a must visit

Travelling is all about exploring and keeping the nature close to you. One such land to explore is Malta. Tourism is part and parcel which everyone should rejoice for their [...]

Germany’s Job Seeker Visa at a glance

You can brighten your chance with Job Seeker Visa which gives you a period of 6 months to search a job, appear for interviews and join your suitable firm.This visa allows you [...]

Australian visa fee to revise from 1 July 2017

Australia has announced increase in visa fee pricing which will come into effect from 1 July 2017. Following are revised prices for all visa types: Subclass Subclass [...]

Key steps to avail Germany Student Visa

Germany has earned distinct position among global powers for its innovative technology, superior higher education structure, unmatched teaching mechanism and affordable [...]

Oz Educational Institutions witnessed 12 % rise in International student enrolments in 2016

Higher educational instructions in Australia witnessed a significant rise in international student enrolments in 2016. The Department of Education and Training (DET) has [...]

Eligibility to the Federal Skilled Workers Program Available in Canada

The federal skilled workers' program was established so as to provide an efficient way of enabling foreign citizens with specialized skills to apply for immigration to Canada [...]

How to Apply and Get a UK EEA Family Permit when Travelling to the United Kingdom

The United Kingdom European Economic Area (EEA) permit is provided to individuals who are living outside the EEA area or a family member of an individual who is a member of [...]